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          Hope for a different future on Warsaw’s streets

          Hope for a different future on Warsaw’s streets

          27 April 2019: Every year hundreds of people gather in Warsaw for an alternative commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. This year, a contingent from the Jewish Socialists' Group joined them. David Rosenberg reports.

          From London to Warsaw

          13 April 2019: Jewish Socialists head to Poland to unite with anti-fascists

          Jewish Bloc on National Demo: United Against Racism and Fascism

          5 March 2019: Please join us. On Saturday 16th March the Jewish Bloc will meet at the corner of Curzon Street and Park Lane, London W1K 1RB from 11.45am - 12.15pm, and will then join the rally/march.

          United in memory of the Holocaust

          25 January 2019: Statement by Jewish Voice for Labour and the Jewish Socialists' Group

          Remembering and resisting

          21 January 2019

          80 years after Kristallnacht

          7 November 2018: On this anniversary of the terrifying 1938 attack on Jews across Nazi Germany, fascism is on the march again and we need to find new and powerful ways to resist, starting on 17th November

          Pittsburgh Shooting

          28 October 2018: Jewish Socialists’ Group statement on the attack against the Tree of Life synagogue on Saturday 27th October 2018, when the congregation had gathered for the weekly service.

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          The Jewish Socialists’ Group is a campaigning organisation which fights for freedom and equality. We are active on issues that affect the Jewish community, other minorities and oppressed groups, and the wider labour movement. 
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